Sunday, September 23, 2007

Calling all playas!

With October fast approaching, time to sound the drums and call the band of bros to arms.

shaman, Cruel Bastion, Nicky, Demott, and myself have signed up. that's five.

Then we've got some AWOL cats.

The Kloos needs to sign up, in whatever incarnation, as well the good Dr. Surratt and the trusty, stoutly-named Concord Lynch. That would be eight. I've emailed the Kloos but I've misplaced the emails to Surratt and Lynch. We need to be in touch with them pronto.

So, what about Reed "Green Wave" Edwards, Bad DNA, and Mike "Showtime" McCoy? That would bring us to eleven.

Those of you sitting on emails for these fellows, give them a heads up! Direct them to the blog or to shaman, or send them an invite directly.

If any of these guys is going to sit the season out for whatever reason, which I hope is not the case, we should know ASAP so that we can enlist a knowledgable fellow to take a slot.

Let's get these guys in the league sooner the better.


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Anonymous said...

we got a full 10 at Thanks to ya'll who showed up for the draft (all 4 of us).

I know Sportsline is whre it's at for most of you, so the date is set. We stand at 5 owners now. I just sent an invite to Nicky, Dan and McCoy - that'd make 8. We need Doc and Concord Lynch here. that'd be 10. Someone shoot them an eamil invite from the league page.

tip off is coming!