Sunday, September 16, 2007

Weekly Lineup Rules!

Inevitably a daily transaction league favors those who can devote the most attention to it and thus does not accurately reflect a hierarchy of acumen that I think the Serious Playas has always been about. "Who is the most serious playa?" as distinct from "Who is the most active player?" Clearly, active players can better navigate the NBA winds of PT and injuries, but who must they ditch in order to play the hot hand. For myself, I always think I'm overly active as a manager and consciously try to curb my transactions each year, but each year I always drop someone I should have kept or fail to pickup someone I should have dropped someone for. And this propensity will only be magnified by a league that allows daily transactions. I always like to believe that a cool and steady handed manager (The Cruelest comes to mind as someone who truly sticks with his drafted guns for better or for worse) always has a chance to do well in this league while i think in a daily transactions league, shaman most likely will school us all or that, in a vain attempt to keep up with him, each of us becomes so involved with daily NBA flutterings that girlfriends start getting jealous, dishes pile up in the sink, sleep is lost, etc. I mean you don't want LeBron to chew his fingernails down to the nub and you lose him for 3 weeks.

So, i vote "yea" for weekly lineups. And damn that Sportsline default Verdana font just looks so damn good.


Anonymous said...

I changed the lineups to weekly on Saturday. I don't like daily transactions either, especially for this league.

One question we have is trade vetoes. With a 12 team league, I say that if half the owners veto a trade (that'd be 5 of 10), then the trade doesn't happen. Your thoughts?


nKralls said...

yeah i think 3 is too little. I like majority rules. one could even make an argument for 2/3 approval minimum, much like a congressional override or 6/10 as it would take to end a filibuster, but i guess 5/10 is a good start. Next summer we can bring it up again. But certainly it is an improvement of the Rule of 3, where a league rival or besotted friend could pile on to an outlandish veto or that damned mercurial commissioner!