Saturday, September 15, 2007

Uh Oh

Draft order will be determined by the order we sign-up??? Not sure how the folks are gonna feel about that, shaman. Daily transactions? I'd like to hear what the word is there. I know guys like Kloos piss and moan ad infinitum when they se-up their line-ups nd then someone gets hurt, but christ, the season is long, and lord knows that half of the owners are not going to be assiduous about tweaking their line-ups every single day, or well enough in advance that they don't even think about complications from when they drop a player and stuff. agh. weekly ersus daily transactions. you got guys like cruel bastion and Doc Surratt, the one flies business trips and the other treats the infirm. How are they gonna stay on top of daily transactions? I'm starting to feel the stress about moving way from the cozy familiarity of Sportsline. I can't even change my owner handle, or leave the league and re-sign up! hm.


Anonymous said...

This fantasy commsioner seems pretty cool. I'll work on setting up some options and changing the league settings. I have no intention of drafting in the order of sign ups MA - that would be unacceptable.

Glad to see some of you are posting here. I lost the URL somwhow and haven't been able to log on since last year. Who owns this blog? Kloos? Send me an invite to join to shanemoore171 at yahoo.

Get ready playas!


Anonymous said...

Sign up guys and I will give you commisioner rights so you can check out the features.


Mickael Cabreri Antonius said...

i gotta say, shaman, i'm impressed with the set-up and with the range of options you have at your disposal as commissioner. thanks for addressing my concerns. if others want to consider other options or features i encourage them to weigh in.

i admit, there are some that i don't really understand. there is a feature to give everyone salaries, and i guess we could work with a cap or something? not that it would necessarily be much fun. there is a feature to trade draft picks, but i guess that would be in a keeper league and you would package picks for players? anyway...

come aboard, playas.

nKralls said...

i posted my response before i saw these comments. Shaman, i sent you another invite. I guess there is something to be said for supporting the NBA and whatnot and shit, why not innovate the league?

Anonymous said...

props playas! Kloos, get your ass here. Doc, Justin, Dan, Matt, Hopper (LOL), and the champ - get on board when you can! It's nice to feel like we're getting organized early cuz that means we'll be ballin soon!